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International News Sources

News from the UN

UN News Centre
The official news service of the UN; the site includes articles, radio and TV coverage, and press releases.

The Economist Magazine

A weekly magazine covering international politics, economics, and business news. 
Economist articles about China, MalaysiaPhilippinesSomalia, South Africa, and Spain.

News Media in Your Countries 

Country Background Information & Statistics

Country Background Information & Statistics

screenshot of country watch website menu
  • CountryWatch Country Reviews Restricted Resource
    CLICK ON COUNTRY REVIEWS, then select country from dropdown menu. 
    These country profiles include descriptions of political economic climate, human rights, and environmental issues.
  • UN Data
    Search all the UN's statistical databases at once (e.g. population, health, crime, environment, labor, etc.).
UN Documents Research

UN Documents Research

UN Mission Websites & Social Media Accounts

Find Documentation by Agenda Topic

Index to Proceedings (Major UN Documentation and Action by Year)
These PDF files link to resolutions, reports, and meeting records with a given year.

​Find Resolutions & Votes

UNBISNET Bib Record Search: Searches for words in document titles to find resolutions and other documents.  
Search Tips
  • Watch resolution searching video tutorial
  • Authors are usually countries
  • For Resolutions and Draft Resolutions, under "Type of Material," select (B01) and (B02)
  • Searching for committee documents:
    • For Disarmament and International Security Committee documents, enter ac1* in UN Doc. Symbol field
    • For Economic and Financial Committee documents, enter ac2* in UN Doc. Symbol field
    • For Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural Committee documents, enter ac3* in UN Doc. Symbol field 
    • For Special Political and Decolonization Committee documents, enter ac4* in UN Doc. Symbol field
See Also: Security Council Meetings

Having trouble? Find official terms in the UN Thesaurus.

UNBISNET Voting Record search: Using title keywords or UN Resolution numbers, search the voting records for General Assembly and Security Council.

Letter Key to the Voting Record
P =
Permanent member of the Security Council
R =
Rotating member of the Security Council
Y =
Member voted Yes
N =
Member voted No
A =
Member abstained from voting
9 =
Member is not eligible to vote (UN Charter Article 19)
Blank =
No vote was recorded/ Member did not vote

See Also: List of Security Council vetoes by year

​See Also: Index to Proceedings' voting charts (see above under Finding Documentation by Agenda Topic)

Find Speeches (Meeting Records)

UNBISNET Speeches Search: Find speeches (meeting records) made to the General Assembly, the Security Council, and the Economic and Social Council. Speeches can be searched by topic, name of speaker, and country.  

Search Tips Document Info
  • UN Doc. Symbol PV means the meeting record is verbatim.
  • UN Doc. Symbol SR means the meeting record is a summary of what was said.

See Also: Index of Proceedings' list of speeches in the General Assembly, Security Council, and Economic and Social Council each year, organized by country, speaker, and topic.

​See Also: Video of Most Recent General Debate (speeches by heads of state only).

UN Press Releases
Best used for very recent information.

Find Treaties

UN Treaty Collection

Search current and historical treaties and agreements, including the texts of reservations, declarations, and objections; search by participant country. 

See Also: Glossary of Treaty Action Action Terms

Last Resort: Full-Text Document Search

If you having a hard time finding a document, you can try a search through the full-text of documents in the ODS. 

UN Official Document System (ODS)
Pros: This is the only UN search engine that searches the full text of documents.

Cons: Search results do not link to related documents or agenda information, so once you find a document here you will want to search for that document again in UNBISNET.

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United Nations Handbook

UN in Your Pocket

United Nations Handbook 2018-19 
​This e-book and mobile app contains information about UN organizations, subsidiaries, and programs. Includes a handy acronym chart and list of regional groups.
Formats available: PDF ebookiPhone app, Android app.
Writing Resolutions

Writing Resolutions

Remember to follow the conference resolution requirements!

Sample Preambulatory Phrases
Affirming Guided by
Alarmed by Having adopted
Approving Having considered
Aware of  Having considered further
Bearing in Mind Having devoted attention
Believing Having examined
Confident Having heard
Contemplating Having received
Convinced Having studied
Declaring Keeping in mind
Deeply concerned Noting with regret
Deeply conscious Noting with deep concern
Deeply convinced Noting with satisfaction
Deeply disturbed Noting further
Deeply regretting Noting with approval
Desiring Observing
Emphasizing Reaffirming
Expecting Realizing
Expressing its appreciation Recalling
Expressing its satisfaction Recognizing
Fulfilling Referring
Fully alarmed Seeking
Fully aware Taking into account
Fully believing Taking into consideration
Further deploring Taking note
Further recalling Welcoming

Sample Operative Phrases
Accepts Further proclaims
Affirms Further recommends
Approves Further reminds
Authorizes Further requests
Calls Further resolves
Calls upon  Has resolved
Condemns Notes
Confirms Proclaims
Congratulates Reaffirms
Considers Recommends
Declares accordingly Regrets
Deplores Reminds
Designates Solemnly affirms
Draws the attention Strongly condemns
Emphasizes Supports
Encourages Takes note of
Endorses Transmits
Expresses its appreciation Trusts
Expresses its hope  
Further invites  
Cite Your Sources

Cite Non-UN Documents

MLA Quick Guide

Cite UN Documents

UN Citation Quick Guide pdf

About URLs to UN Documents

Many URLs for UN official documents will not work permanently. To make a stable link, use this URL format: For example, the stable link to Resolution A/RES/67/97 would be

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