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Hey Whaddaya Know? (Mini-Assignment #2)
Our Research Subjects:

Room #1: Michael Jordan
Room #2: Hamilton (the musical)
Room #3: Tik-Tok

Our Goals:

1. Subject Area: (10 Minutes)
  • These topics are rather large. Is there one area we want to focus on more than others? 
  • Narrowing the topic is absolutely necessary when you do research! If your topic is too large you end up with an essay that has no depth. 
  • "Also, be prepared to jump subject areas. You may begin researching and find more promising territory"
2. Go Searching: (20 minutes)
  • You are looking to learn new stuff. Don't focus on what you already know.
  • For this research feel free to use Google, but remember what we talked about related to credible sources. 
  • You can also try the library reference databases for sources here:
    • Credo Reference Restricted Resource
      Credo logoCredo Reference contains dictionaries, general and subject encyclopedias, biographies, handbooks, atlases, and more.

      Gale eBooks Restricted Resource
      Gale eBooks logoGale eBooks is a collection of full-text e-books including encyclopedias, dictionaries, and other reference books in biography, history, literature, medicine, and more.

  • Each person in the group should try to find one source of information that talks about your subject.
3. Digest the sources (15 minutes)
  • Each group member will skim their source and report to the group something NEW they learning about the subject area.
4. Do a citation for one of your sources in MLA format. (10 Minutes)
  • You may have never done this before and that is ok. This is practice, there is no grading here.
  • Use Purdue Owl to create an MLA citation for one of your group's sources. 

Gather the following for a report back to the class: (20 Minutes)

1. What subject did you research and how did you narrow it down?
2. Where were your sources from? (what website for example)
3.Take ONE fact that a group member learned and come up with a trivia question for it. 
4. Put your MLA Citation here. 
Why Should I Trust This? (Mini-Assignment #1)

Our Sample Article: Medical Shocker: Scientists at Sloan Kettering Discover mRNA inactivates tumor-suppressing proteins, meaning it can promote cancer

1. Check fact-checking Sites
2. Go upstream from the source
  • Can we find the original source of the information?
  • What does the article say about where it got its information? 
  • Is the source taken out of context?
  • Does the source even exist?

3. Read Laterally
  • What can you find out about the news site the information is posted on?
  • What do you know about the author of the article?
  • Do other news sources have similar stories (can you corroborate the information)?

Tips for Spotting Fake News
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